The Sports Enthusiast’s Guide: Westbrook’s Neighborhoods with Athletic Appeal

Sports fans in search of a place to call home need look no further than the vibrant town of Westbrook, Maine. Tucked away in Cumberland County, Westbrook has a variety of neighborhoods that cater to the active lifestyle of athletes. From recreational facilities to outdoor spaces, this guide will explore Westbrook’s neighborhoods that are perfect for the sports lover.
Cumberland Mills:
Nestled in the southeastern part of Westbrook, Cumberland Mills is a neighborhood that is a haven for sports lovers. With its close proximity to the Presumpscot River, residents can enjoy activities such as kayaking, canoeing, and fishing. In addition, Cumberland Mills is also home to the Westbrook High School’s athletic complex, which features top-notch facilities for football, soccer, and track and field.
The neighborhood of Stroudwater is located along the Stroudwater River and offers stunning views of the surrounding countryside. Here, residents can take advantage of the nearby Riverbank Park, which provides space for jogging, cycling, and even outdoor yoga. Those who enjoy golf can also appreciate its close proximity to the Sunset Ridge Golf Links, a gorgeous 18-hole course.
Pride’s Corner:
Pride’s Corner is a lively neighborhood that is known for its variety of sports facilities. Here, locals can find the Westbrook Community Center, which is a hub for indoor sports such as basketball, volleyball, and indoor soccer. Additionally, Pride’s Corner is conveniently close to the Saccarappa Falls Park, which offers walking trails alongside the Presumpscot River, making it a popular spot for joggers and cyclists.
Westbrook Pointe:
Those who are seeking a waterfront lifestyle should look no further than Westbrook Pointe. Located near the confluence of the Presumpscot River and the Fore River, residents can enjoy a variety of water sports such as paddleboarding, kayaking, and sailing. Westbrook Pointe is also close to Riverbank Park, offering easy access to its recreational amenities.
Duck Pond Village:
Duck Pond Village is a peaceful neighborhood that provides plenty of opportunities for outdoor sports and activities. The neighborhood contains a beautiful pond, where residents can fish or take a calming walk along the water’s edge. The nearby Warren T. Johnson Memorial Park includes basketball and tennis courts, a playground, and open spaces for outdoor games.
No matter what kind of sporting interests one has, Westbrook, Maine, has a neighborhood to match. From waterfront activities to top-notch sports facilities, residents can indulge in their favorite pastimes while experiencing the charm of this welcoming New England town. So, grab your gear and get ready to embrace the active lifestyle that Westbrook has to offer.The Sports Enthusiast’s Guide: Westbrook’s Neighborhoods with Athletic Appeal